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User Testimonials of GStat
"What an incredible product! I can't wait to put my stats in after each round. The level of analysis is truly giving me insight on the stronger and weaker part of my game. Way to go Magadraw!!"
by Nereo Rossi from Springfield, PA., USA
"I have used several programs over the last number of years and from experience I can say your software is vastly superior to anything I have ever used. I don't know how you support it for the price you charge! It will take an act of congress to get me to ever change to another product!! Thanks very much for making stat keeping a pleasure."
by R.H. Glessner from Aurora, IL., USA
"I have searched the web and for the money this is the best program of all. One of the main assets is Scot Maga and his willingness to work with you. Try this program you will like it."
by Buddy Smith from Ormond Beach, FL., USA
"I have been searching for a program as in depth as this and this is utopia to an avid golfer. I would reccommend this program to any golfer who wants to improve his/her game. Great product, my registration will be coming soon. Thanks for the quality in shareware!"
by Rick Proctor from Titusville, FL., USA
"GStat Pro is a great product. It's the best and most comprehensive I have been able to find. And I have looked at many."
by Brett Sinclair from Wellington, New Zealand
"We really love your program. Beats all others by miles. Keep it up."
by Dick Schellhorn from HSV, AR., USA
"Thank's for the great program. I have evaluated lots of Golf-scoring programs in the past two weeks and all for nothing. None of them is nearly as good as Yours."
by Markku Palomaki from Nakkila, Finland
"This program is great! It took me less than 24 hours to plunk down my money and I'm a critical consumer. I feel that what one owns and what one recommends to friends and family says alot about one's standards in this life. This work is "The Gold Standard. I use every feature that you have included to track my golf performance and amazingly, you've identified them all!"
by Gord Tonnelly from Ontario, Canada
"I am impressed with the way in which you have answered my questions on the two occasions I have enquired. I have had answers within 24 hrs in both cases. My impression of GStat Pro 4 is that it is a very flexible method of recording my game. I have more trouble remembering to take a shot charting card with me to the game than anything else. Even without the shot charting card I have always been able to recall all my shots and which club they were played with, whereabouts on the course they were played from, and where they were in relation to the 150 metre markers. The difficulty I had always had was to recall putts and distances. This is where the shot charting is very useful. I find within a few times of entering shot charting info, that you can recall most of the shot carting codes without too much effort. The game analysis is very good, I use that to look at areas to improve my game. Shot charting does take some time, in fact quite a bit of time to record in GStat, but I can’t think of a quicker way."
by anthony Stancombe from Victoria, Australia
"Great Program. I checked out at least 10 and found yours to be the most complete, as well as being both fun and intuitive."
by John Snowden from Norcross, GA., USA
"I have tried your software and I find it to be the best that I have seen yet. It really comes across as being developed by a golfer and a good systems person."
by Ed Zebrowski from Cheltenham, PA., USA
"Thanks for your wonderful product support. Along with your great product and price, the combination is unbeatable."
by James Mai from San Diego, CA., USA
"You have an awesome product! I sampled over 15 golf stat programs from the web and bought one commercially, and none are as good as yours. Even the simple things like not having to hit the tab key to go from hole to hole when entering scores is great!"
by Scott Rohleder from Franklin, WI., USA
"I love your program! I purchased 3.1b, and use it to analyze my golf game, since I received GStat I have improved 5 strokes on my lowest game and have developed consistency that I didn't have before."
by David Loest from Running Springs, CA., USA
"Hey this is a great program and it looks like you folks put in a lot of work (hope your spending quality time on the golf course). I have spent some time checking out various golf score programs and this is by far the most comprehensive."
by Rick DeMent from Buford, GA., USA
"Thanks for supporting us Canadians, the one or two other stat programs I've seen that support RCGA Handicaps are very primitive and virtually useless."
by Jeff Bolton from Canada
"Loved your program - just tested it out over the weekend. I plan on registering the program today - it's the best on the net!"
by Scott Rohleder from Franklin, WI., USA
"Just spent about 2 hours playing with your program. So far, I love it, it really is the best one I have tried to date!"
by Dave Bauman from Las Vegas, NV., USA
"I am a registered user of 3.1b and love it. Scot, your program is great!! Looking forward to getting the full blown upgrade for 4.0."
by Brian Hart from Cranston, RI., USA
"I downloaded and used GStat.3.1b for three days and was just about to mail in my $19.95. Then, I went to this sight and saw GStat Pro- WOW. So, now my check is in the mail for this version. Keep up the good work on the best golf stat program made."
by Jerry Bronersky from White Lake, MI., USA
"I really enjoy your program, have deleted others on my hard drive and am know sending in to register, and help support your great software."
by David Cox from Ontario, Canada
"This is by far the best [golf stats] program I have tried. I have tried 42."
by wilbur Summers from Louisville, KY., USA
"Best stats program I have Found out of 10 or so I have tried..Yours."
by Gary Thorburn from British Columbia, Canada
"I looked at them all and yours was the best by far. Excellent value!"
by Larry James from Ontario, Canada
"I've been evaluating ver 3.1b and I am very impressed. Compared to other golf handicapping programs none come close to yours. I will been registering at the end of the month. Keep up the great work."
by James Malanick from Mililani, HI., USA
"All in all, after experimenting with a half dozen programs, it is by far the best program on the net, and perhaps anywhere, for its purpose! I like the program because it offers virtually all of the statistics one could want, and does the match play calculations itself."
by Joe Belland from Alberta, Canada
"I have downloaded numerous golf statistics programs and I like yours the best!"
by John N. Funk from Lexington, KY., USA
"I have tried many golf statistics programs from the Internet, and GStat, by far, is the best one!"
by Dale Bock from New Lenox, IL., USA
"The customized League you developed for me works great! The members love the reports! I feel like I have gotten way more than my $20 worth!"
by Mike Brierley from San Rafael, CA., USA
"You have a really great product and it's quite easy to use."
by Bob Truman from Canada
"I'm very impressed with your program!"
by John Veach from Lake Worth, FL., USA
"Found your program browsing the net. Best one I found!"
by Todd M. Roller from FE Warren AFB, WY., USA
"Great product and definitely worth every cent!"
by Matthew Marks from Coogee Beach, Australia
"I recently acquired a copy of GStat, and I love the program! Thanks for a great looking program!!"
by Bobby Johnson from Northport, AL., USA
"Recently downloaded your software to evaluate it. Pretty awesome program...very comprehensive and easy to use."
by Evan Fleisher from na
"By the way, the further I dig into this program the more impressed I am. I have been sent countless stats programs to review/sell on OttawaGolf over the last few years (since the article) and nothing even comes close to Gstat4! Keep up the fantastic work!"
by Dan Kilbank from Ottawa, Canada
"I've been looking at various programs to track my handicap and golf statistics for several weeks. After looking at several packages, I came across GStat Pro. Except for charting graphics, I found this package to have all the features and more of any other program I looked at, regardless of the price. In addition, the support I received was top notch: fast, courteous, and correct the first time. I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to track their handicap or analyze their golfing statistics."
by Ed Zdrok from Watchung, NJ, USA
"Your software is definitely the best on the market, congratulations!!"
by Patrick Pfefferle from Les Mayens-de-Sion, Switzerland
"I have been playing with your program .... and Damn but it is good! Thank you. What a pleasure to get a program that not only delivers what it claims but more. Yes, I know that it is a "beta" version but I am sure that future versions will enhance what you have going now. Please extend my thanks to all those who have worked on this project with you."
by Gerald Baden from Wantagh, NY, USA
"The program is great for setting goals and then watching my progress. Charting my shots keeps me focused on my round and keeps my bad shots in perspective. As a result I have broken fewer clubs and reduced my handicap 4 shots."
by Ben Ewing from Phoenix, USA
"I had to write! As a former math major, I've searched a long time to find an adequate program that can track my golf stats. I found it 2 years ago at MagaDraw! Every release has been a solid improvement and it just simply keeps getting better! I had gotten a full season of stats and going into the second season, I paid very close attention to the reports from the first. End result -- My handicap dropped from a 9.1 to a 3.4! Not too shabby! I'm now into my third year of keeping stats and also moved to a new state. It only took 5 rounds of tracking before GStat was able to guide me in how to play the course. I broke par for the first time last weekend! JP"
by Joe Pauldine from Norwalk, USA
"We are a small European golfclub in Maastricht the Netherlands. We use GSTATPRO already with success for 4 years to keep succesfull track of the EGA handicaps for more than 200 members. If you want to keep track of your own EGA handicap or that of a group, this program has best price/quality."
by Alex Kremer from Maastricht, Netherlands
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GStat Pro 4 is a comprehensive golf statistics packages for Windows which allows you to track every aspect of your game. The statistical analysis gives you the ability to focus on your weak points to lower your scores!

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